Special Solutions

SISTAC has one of the biggest portfolios of offshore inspection, maintenance and repair in Brazilian market, besides customized and innovative solutions. Operating since 1996, SISTAC is able to deliver offshore engineering solutions including underwater and emerged areas (even the ones of difficult access), as if alternatives of specialized Asset Integrity.


  • Equipment for riser cleaning


    • Decommissioning
    • Dry welding with cofferdam
    • Cleaning with hydrojet

Rope access

    • Replacement of profiles on drilling towers
    • Repair using insert
    • Inspection on lifting gear
    • Load tests on eye bolts and cranes of up to 100 tones
    • Load tests on lifeboat
    • Cleaning with hydraulic sander and high pressure water jet
    • Tank cleaning with vacuum pump

Pull-in / Pull-out

  • Maintenance and inspection of winches


    • Elaboration of inspection and repair plan
    • Engineering for certification
    • Design and manufacture of bilge keel cutting equipment
    • Access engineering
    • Asset Integrity

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