Know some of the reference activities executed by our company:

Structural Inspection

SISTAC offers services of non-destructive tests (NDT), inspection, maintenance and repairs in hard-to-reach assets and locations, using professional diving, rope access and ROV techniques.


SISTAC has more than two decades experience in hull, ties and structures inspection, for UWILD in vessels. In addition to knowledge of the scope required by classification and certification societies, which ensures efficient reports.


Team SISTAC works in revisions and preventive and corrective maintenance, such as exchanges of thrusters, valves and pipes, cleaning of risers, equipment assembly, as bell mouth and riser balcony, cleaning of structures and all kind of underwater or emerging offshore maintenance.


Working in almost all platforms of Campos, Santos and Espírito Santo basin, SISTAC has been stablished itself as the first choice in emergency repairs on tanks, hulls, bilge keel, valves, risers and other equipment from FPSOs, semi-submersible and drillship.