We are a company that is always invigorated

Our history

SISTAC foundation and beginning of the diving and rope access activities.

ACFM introduction in Brazil.

Performance (1st time in Brazil) of underwater repairs at Petrobras’ platforms without suspending the production.

SISTAC begun to work with ROV technique.

Integration of the ROV with diving team activities in order to perform inspections (1st time in Brazil).

Beginning of the construction of the SDSVs Sistac Esperança and Sistac Vida at the shipyard

Beginning of the period of validity of the contract for shallow diving services using the SDSV Sistac Esperança.

Beginning of the period of validity of the multi-year contract for Pull-in/Pull-out services.

Beginning of construction of the SDSV Sistac Vitória (42 meters) after winning a 3 + 3 year service contract from Petrobras.

SDSV Sistac Vitória iniciates operation. AXXON group invests in the Company and strengthens management for a new growth cycle.

Our numbers

With the expertise of more than 2.000 offshore interventions in almost all O&G platforms in Brazil, more than 2 million hours of diving, more than 600 thousand hours of rope access, more than 25 thousand hours of ROV operation and, also, more than 140 thousand hours of training in recent years, SISTAC continues to improve itself to offer top quality services and help the client to improve its results, towards the future.

Towards the Future

We call Towards the Future our strategy and its execution plan. We believe that organizing the processes, setting goals, preparing our employees, sharing expectations and goals and charting the paths to reach our dreams are the pillars to make the company’s Vision become real.

The image below shows how we are preparing ourselves and acting to reach the goal!