Message from the Board of Directors:

We are living in a cutthroat competition environment, with a dynamism generated by the rapid evolution of technologies aimed at optimizing time, human and financial resources.
As a result, companies and professionals constantly face the challenge of seeking the best performance and efficiency. At this moment, when there is a conflict or obstacle to achieve these objectives, ethical conflict arises.
Sistac behaves and encourages all its employees and partners to follow the highest standard of moral values, rules of conduct and transparency.
Due to the dynamism already mentioned, Sistac will always be constantly changing and in cultural transformation to continue the ideal partner for all its customers and maintaining its leading position in the market in which it operates.
We defend that all Sistac employees shall perform their duties with the attitude, honesty, seriousness and diligence, preserving the feeling like owners of Sistac.
We are all responsible for the attitude and dissemination of an ethical culture, from helping and advising each other, as well as to our entire network of partners. Also, we take a proactive position in the diffusion of good practices established in our Integrity Program (policies, standards and procedures), in order to maintain the high standard of safety and reliability in our relations, also with customers and suppliers.
We recommend that the Code of Ethics and other policies be read by everyone. Moreover, we encourage everyone to contribute to the realization of ethical complaints, appointment of non-conformities or suggestions.

Sistac – Sistemas de Acesso S.A.