SISTAC is aware of its commitment to maintain all users’ privacy. By submitting their personal information on our website, users agree that SISTAC uses their information accordingly to this Privacy Policy.

If you have any doubt, please contact our Legal Department via e-mail: departamento.juridico@sistac.com.br

SISTAC’s privacy mission

SISTAC only collects information voluntarily provided by an identified user for an intended purpose. When the user provides any piece of information, it is only used for the specific purpose for which it was provided. SISTAC’s policies do not allow the exchange of personal information with third parties, except when specifically requested by the owner or by a legal authority.

SISTAC recognizes the importance of users’ personal information. Because of that, we adopt proper measures to protect the information while they are under our responsibility. SISTAC uses text files (“cookies”) to improve the interaction on the website; however, they are not used to identify the users.   

Nowadays, the use of “cookies” is a standard procedure on several websites. However, if the user prefers, he may disable the “cookies” in the browser.  

SISTAC’s privacy policy clearly demonstrates our commitment on creating a safe online experience to all users.   

SISTAC cares about developing and implementing services that ensure data privacy. This concern is established not only by the experience level of our professionals, but also by example.  

Since there are many areas on the website where users may enter personal information, we developed a Privacy Declaration in order to communicate our policies and procedures related to this subject to the users.

SISTAC’s privacy policy

SISTAC is responsible for data processing. All personal information processed by SISTAC may be forwarded to a partner company in order to fulfill the objective of the user.   

By submitting personal information on SISTAC’s website, the user authorizes the transfer of his information to our partners.  

Collection of information

We only collect personal information voluntarily provided by users. This is generally used for:

  • Registration on specific areas;
  • Request for additional information;
  • Distribution of requested reference material;
  • Curriculum submission.

Demographic information, including gender and occupation, is not usually required. However, if the user applies for a job, this information may be requested.

SISTAC’s policy restricts the collection of information. We only collect what is strictly necessary to fulfill user’s request.

When non-binding information is required, the user is notified.  

Users may also send e-mails via the website. The message will contain the user’s name and his e-mail address, as well as any piece of information he considers necessary.

It is forbidden to process personal information related to philosophical or political convictions, party or union membership, religious faith, private life, racial or ethnic origin, health or sex life, including genetic information, except when legally required.

In no case, private information will be requested. If the user voluntarily provides it, SISTAC will assume no liability for it.  

Use of personal information

The user may provide personal information in the following cases:

  • Request for publication;
  • Curriculum submission or information about previous work;
  • Participation in newsletter groups, discussion forums etc;
  • Contact of our team for additional information;
  • Quick visits, quiz or benchmarking analysis;
  • Registration for events and conferences.

The information submitted on the website is used exclusively for its primary purpose. This information is not shared with other entities for other purposes, except if necessary. In this case, the user will be previously consulted.

SISTAC develops actions in order to avoid the collection of excessive or irrelevant information.

If the user considers that excessive information was collected, he shall contact us.

SISTAC will not use personal information submitted on the website to promote unsolicited marketing activities, except when the user explicitly chooses to receive SISTAC’s advertising campaigns or other materials.


“Cookies” may be used on some parts of the website. They are small text files located at the hard disk, which offer a customized experience on the website.
For example, a cookie may be used to record log information, so the user does not need to type this information next time he access the website.  

SISTAC uses cookies to facilitate browsing on the website, as well as to make registration procedures more effective.   

If the user does not want to use cookies, there are many browsers that allow the user to reject the cookies. Usually, the user may reject a cookie and continue to browse on the website.

In order to manage the website, SISTAC may register information anonymously in its operational systems, identifying the category of the users per item, such as domains or browser type.

These statistics are forwarded to our Web Manager. This way, we ensure that our website provides the best web experience to the users, as an effective information resource.  

Disclosure of information to a third party

SISTAC will only disclosure information to third parties under following circumstances:

  • When required by law (legal notice, search warrant or another legal procedure);  
  • When expressly required by the owner;
  • When necessary for delivering publications or reference materials required by the user;
  • When necessary for organizing conferences or events by third parties, if required by the user.

SISTAC’s website does not record or collect personal information for the purpose of dissemination or sale to third parties.

Hyperlink to other websites

SISTAC’s privacy policy does not apply to other websites, even when the user accesses the website via SISTAC.com.br.
We encourage the users to read the privacy policy of all websites before providing any personal information.  

Storage of information

Some information is not stored. For example, as a rule, we do not store e-mail addresses which were received for disclosing newsletters or advertisements.

User’s contact information will be stored as long as necessary to manage his requirements or until the user requests the removal of the information.

Information regarding to mailing lists and comments boxes is stored for a reasonable period of time, in order to facilitate the processing of users’ requests. Curriculums are only excluded after they have been processed or when they are considered outdated by our Human Resources department.

SISTAC does not require users to create a registry in order to access the website. However, in some cases, in the future, we may ask the users to register a login and a password for the purpose of authentication and safe access to some transactions, classified information or other information services.  

Personal information submitted to SISTAC’s website is voluntarily provided by the user.  

In case user wants to cancel the subscription to mailing lists or any registers, the instructions are in the appropriate area on the website or in communications. The user may also contact SISTAC via e-mail.                   


All users have the right to modify information they submitted on SISTAC’s website.

The user shall go backwards the register process in order to update information. Any issue related to accuracy of information submitted to SISTAC via website and any removal request shall be send to webmaster@SISTAC.com.br. Upon request, SISTAC shall exclude personal information from the system.  

Wherever SISTAC files identification information, we assume responsibility for keeping a rigorous registry of this information after it has been submitted and reviewed by the user.    However, SISTAC shall not be liable for accuracy of personal information.

Wherever possible, should SISTAC become aware that information submitted on the website is not accurate, we will perform proper corrections according to updates provided by authenticated user.  


SISTAC implemented proper technical and organizational measures in order to protect personal information against loss, inappropriate use, modification or destruction. Our employees comply with our Information Security Policy. Only authorized personnel may access personal information and they are subject to a secrecy and confidentiality obligation.

Underage users

SISTAC’s website was not designed for underage users. It is not our policy or intention to collect personal information from underage users.  


SISTAC reserves the right to modify or change this Declaration anytime. For this reason, we suggest reading the policy frequently.