Efficient Underwater Performance

SISTAC performs several professional diving services, including inspection, maintenance and repairs in vessels from O&G industry, with 35 fronts of shallow diving. The company is, currently, one of the main providers of diving services for PETROBRAS.

The method used by SISTAC for access, with dives from zero to 50 meters deep – known as shallow diving – combines the best techniques for diving, safety, high performance equipment and teams constantly trained to execute inspections, repairs and underwater maintenance, in sheltered waters or in the open sea.

The access to the water can be made with the help of a support vessel or from the marine unit to be inspected.

SISTAC has diving systems for 30 meters and 50 meters deep diving (protected to hazardous areas), compound by hyperbaric chambers, gantries, compressors, generators, umbilical, individual diving equipment, hydraulic units and containers.

All SISTAC diving equipment are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Saturation Diving

Sistac also performs surveys in depth water up to 300m, using the saturation technique that requires a high level of experience and training of professionals, and has a multidisciplinary team of electricians and mechanics. We carry out cleaning and inspection services for flexible and rigid ducts, umbilical and electrical cables; dredging; electrochemical potential measurement; thickness measurement; monitoring and repair of pipelines; and rigid duct paving.

Innovative and Customized Solutions

SISTAC has resources strategically chosen to give its clients high quality services. That is why we guarantee differentiated performance and results. Check it:




First S-DRSV DP2 Brazilian vessel, with hydrojet propulsion and autonomy of 21 days. With a complete diving system for 50 meters deep and ROV s for 2.000 meters.

It has modern equipment that provide more safety in operations and increase in the performance of inspection, repair and maintenance services, making the projects more efficient and lowering the costs.


First S-DSV vessel designed and build in Brazil. It has hydrojet propulsion, complete diving system for 50 meters deep and observation ROV up to 300 meters deep.

Based on the pillars of extremely high levels of safety and high performance, its entry in 2009 revolutionized the inspection, repair and maintenance market by the usage of shallow diving and ROV techniques.


Support vessel for dives up to 30 meters deep, used in sheltered waters or up to 20 miles from the coast.

This vessel has a complete diving system, according to the IMCA standard, able to perform inspection, repair and maintenance services without the dive team taking up room in the vessel where the service will be executed.


With highly qualified teams and certified equipment, SISTAC performs highly complex repairs on ship’s tanks.

The company provides the client complete and customized solution for each kind of project, including design, the presentation of the repair project to the classification society, the cleaning and preparation of the area, the repair, as if the rescue team and delivery of the report for asset certification.


Mixing different access techniques like diving, certified welding and rope access, SISTAC stands out in the repair market using cofferdam.

With successful projects that saved millions to its clients, SISTAC avoided the abandonment of production wells so that underwater repairs did not have to be made in shipyards.

All those projects are monitored and certified as definitive repairs by the main classification societies working in Brazil.


SISTAC was one of the first diving companies to perform decommissioning services in Brazil, not only in PETROBRAS projects, but also to other companies that produce oil and gas.

Through innovative techniques and focusing on safety and efficiency in the operations, SISTAC was acknowledged for developing and performing complex projects that corroborated the success of the asset decommissioning.