Sustainability as Priority

Sustainability is a very important issue for O&G sector. Most of the companies defend it, at the same time that they need to keep themselves rentable. SISTAC knows that developing safety and efficient activities is primary for a good operational performance, for business and for the communities in general.

Since its foundation, SISTAC assumed this commitment. It is a matter of social responsibility. We believe that it is not enough to know what to produce and for whom, but also how to produce.

In this sense, SISTAC implemented a set of policies, programs and cross-company administrative and operational practices that meet the needs of the client by means of a responsible and sustainable management of world’s resources, renewable or not, without compromising the needs of future generations.



We take care of the environment

Environmental protection is intrinsically related to the success of SISTAC. Our compromise with a responsible environment management is sustained by the philosophy that our activities should have minimal impact on the environment and, whenever possible, make it even better than when we found it.

These are some of the company’s initiatives for the good of our planet:


  • Management of waste produced by the company;
    Separation of oil and water from our vessels;
    Effluent analysis;
    Desalination of water to generate drinking water in our vessels;
    Use of solar panels at our base;
    Rain collection system;
    Monitoring of the pollution generated by the company’s activities;
    Awareness campaigns, development and training about the environment.