The higher the better

SISTAC has stablished itself, over the years, as one of the main service providers of rope access techniques for offshore units and has 21 fronts for this kind of service. Ropes and equipment are used to reach places that need to be inspected or repaired. The rope access technique is the safest, fastest and most efficient method to perform work in height.

SISTAC was the first Brazilian company to obtain IRATA certificate, awarded by the largest association of industrial rope access in the world.

Security and quality are based on the following factors:

  • Advanced techniques;
  • Constant training;
  • Supervision by experienced professionals;
  • Appropriate maintenance of ropes and other equipment.

Check some of the services performed by SISTAC’s climbers:

  • Weld inspection in offshore structures (Platforms and probes);
  • Cleaning, maintenance, inspection and repair of risers and cargo/oil tanks;
  • Rescue team and services in confined space;
  • Inspection and repairs in structures in refinery, natural gas compression units and other industrial facilities.