“Safety is a non-negotiable value for SISTAC.”

Executive board

SISTAC’s QHES policy is based on international patterns, with real actions and great support from the board of directors. This makes safety a value of our business.

This is an issue that demands continuous improvement and evolution. In periodic meeting of the board of directors, several topics about safety are discussed and actions are defined for the continuous improvement of the system.

We are developing a big change about QHES culture based in three pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Operation

This work aims to reaffirm the safety culture at all levels of the company with the implementation of policies, procedures, new metrics, goals, training, QHES forums, audits and investigation of accidents and awareness campaigns.

SISTAC preserves health and physical integrity of its employees, in order to improve the quality of life of each one of them, as well as reduce the number of accidents.

The company controls these factors by measuring some indicators:

  • Occupational disease;
  • Occupational Health Certificates;
  • Compliance with the actions of the Medical Control Program of Occupational Health;
  • Compliance with the quality of life program;
  • Pre-shipment examination.

Every three months these indicators are evaluated by the Multifunctional Health Committee, that together with other company sectors develops and implements actions for continuous improvement, as if:

  • Health campaigns;
  • Health and quality of life special projects;
  • Newsletters with health tips;
  • Agreements and partnerships in the area of worker’s health.