The use of support vessels for the shallow diving operations offers more safety for the diver, that dives closest to the water and doesn’t need more complex launching systems.

Besides that, the vessels make the services more productive because of the ease of mobilization, as it eliminates the helicopter travel and the need of room for equipment and team in the platforms, as the vessels are equipped with a complete diving system.

SISTAC Esperança

SISTAC developed the first S-DSV (Shallow Dive Support Vessel) in Brazil, SISTAC ESPERANÇA, that began operating in 2012.

SISTAC Vitória

In 2014 SISTAC put into operation its second S-DSV, SISTAC VITÓRIA, that has operational efficiency over 95%. SISTAC VITÓRIA was the first Brazilian vessel with the concept of S-DRSV.

It has modern equipment, including a complete system for shallow diving up to 50 meters deep, hydrojet propulsion, DP2, HiPAP, DGPS and ROV for 2.000 meters deep. This vessel has been under contract since 2015, with an average of 220 dives per month with operational efficiency and, above all, with more safety.


SISTAC VIDA is a small diving support vessel, with a full shallow diving system according to the rigid criterion of IMCA. This vessel operates in all Brazilian coast, especially in sheltered waters, supporting dives up to 30 meters deep.