Ethics and Transparency

SISTAC has developed a compliance manual together with the well-known ERNEST YOUNG company, with adherence and training of all employees. Our compliance process is verified and audited by our clients. Same way our contract with suppliers also have adherence clauses to our manual.

Know our Compliance System

Here you will see concepts, documents and other information related to SISTAC Compliance System. These standards should guide and inspire our employees, clients, suppliers and business partners, stakeholders and communities.

SISTAC enhance its ethical commitment in all relations, promoting transparency in its activities and improving its values and organizational principles, that are essential for company Survival, Growth and Perpetuity in all administration, management and operational levels.

SISTAC’s compliance sector is responsible for permeating the Compliance System of the company, implementing, disseminating and managing the Compliance Program, a set of measures developed by the company in order to guide, prevent, detect and stop irregularities, frauds and active and passive corruption, in a structured, continuous and sustainable way, within the best market practices.


Word of the president

Conduct guidelines for suppliers

Following the best market practices that have always ruled SISTAC’s activities, we present in this document a set of guidelines that aims to guide our suppliers about the expectations we have regarding their performance.

We are sure that these guidelines are fundamental to build healthy, transparent and sustainable partnerships. We trust these guidelines will help point and clarify the responsibilities of our suppliers in combating bribery and corruption in daily work, detailing, clearly, values, behaviors and procedures to be observed by our partners.

Therefore, we reinforce SISTAC’s ethical commitment, rejecting and acting against any bribery and/or corruption incidents that may arise in our business environment and we hope our partners act based on the same principles.